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Insight for Learning is here to inspire and encourage Christians to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to study the Word of God with increased understanding.  Like learning to ride a bicycle, once you learn the basics of keeping balanced, you can quickly learn how to coast as well as to speed.  There is a balance that must be learned in Bible study as well, and that balance is seldom attained. Insight for Learning is here to help you gain that balance.

A growing problem

Many believers today find themselves disappointed in their Christian experience, their faith and their understanding of the Bible...all because they don’t know exactly what to believe.  There are too many voices in the world, even in the churches, which proclaim diverse views of the same Bible.  They can’t all be right, but how can you know what is right? That's the problem.

A workable solution

A lack of understanding arises from not having a proper introduction to essential Bible truths.  Not having the right start in the learning process will invariably lead to conflicts and confusion.  The unfortunate cause of not getting the right start comes from the church establishment, as a whole, becoming slowly entangled in traditions. 

A practical method

Insight for Learning embraces, as its mission, the task of providing the fundamental knowledge required for the typical Christian layperson to establish a structure of truth upon which all other truths can rest.  If the foundation isn’t laid properly, it will not be adequate to support what is built upon it.  Plainly put, we want to show believers how to find the information they need and how to make sense of it once they find it.  

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